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Send Love and Support

Pay Tribute

Sending thoughtful gifts

Show your support

When someone you care for suffers a loss, tradition implores you to send a tribute – usually in the form of flowers – to demonstrate your support in their time of grief.

While flowers are a beautiful representation of support, in recent years, other forms of grief gifts have emerged and proven themselves to be wonderful ways of memorializing loved ones. 

Send Flowers

There is nothing wrong with tradition. Click the link below to find an obituary and local florist.

Show Your Loved Ones you care in non-traditional ways

Unique Ways to Pay Tribute

Below are just some of the many ways that you can show support to your loved ones during times of grief and loss.


Personalized or Handmade Items

The possibiulities are endless – whether it is handmade jewelry or a memorial candle, personalized items are a great way to show your support to your loved ones.


Photos the Family Doesn't Have

As a friend or extended family member, you may have photos that the immediate family does not have, but would love to add to their family album or memory box.


A Dedication or Donation

If you know that the deceased was passionate about a certain cause or volunteered at a certain charity, consider a monetary donation or volunteering your time. 


Homemade or Delivered Meals

Nothing shows love quite like a good meal. Whether it’s y our special homemade lasagna or a convenient meal delivery service, the gesture is a lovely one. 


Something for the kids

Children often feel forgotten with all the attention around the death and the funeral.  Any small gift can remind them that you are thinking of them.


Share Fond Memories

The memories that you shared with the deceased will likely be just as special to their family as they are to you. Share them in-person, via a handwritten note or even an email.

Personalized Experiences Are our Speciality

Learn how we can help create a meaningful and personalized ceremony that honors the life lived.